The gums in your mouth create a protective barrier that cover your teeth and the bones that support your teeth. Periodontal disease (a.k.a gum disease) can cause tooth, tissue, or bone loss in your mouth. It is also linked with other health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, pregnancy complications, immune system issues, and bacterial pneumonia.

Periodontal disease is sometimes referred to as a “silent disease,” because it may go unnoticed by you in its early stages. At Mukilteo Smiles, we believe it’s important to do regular screenings of your gum tissue and the bones that support your teeth in order to monitor for any signs of early onset periodontal disease. Early detection of gum disease can prevent you from having to go through much more invasive procedures to repair extensive damage caused from serious periodontitis.

With our Perio Program, we examine your gums and look for signs of loss by using a tiny instrument to measure the depths of the pockets between your teeth and your gums. We keep a record of these measurements, and take new measurements each year. When signs of recession (gum loss) are detected, we are able to treat you early on, before more significant issues develop.

Our Perio Program screenings are also a good barometer for helping us and you understand how well your at-home care is working. Sometimes adjustments are needed, such as a bigger commitment to your daily flossing or switching to an electronic toothbrush or one of our specialized at-home treatment rinses. Your personalized Perio Program data is invaluable in helping you maintain a healthy mouth.

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Stacey C. Sype, DDS

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