Preventative dental care is key to maintaining optimum health in not only your mouth but your entire body as well.  Regular in-office check-ups with professional cleanings, good at-home care, and X-rays are three key components for maintaining dental hygiene and overall health. In place of traditional cleanings, we offer guided biofilm therapy, which is a highly effective and gentle modern hygiene therapy. We enjoy helping our patients of all ages develop good hygiene habits.

When you first visit us, we will perform a comprehensive examination and an assessment of your medical and dental risk factors. At follow-up appointments, we will continue to monitor and track your health. Our goal is to prevent major issues before they arise, which also saves you time and money in the long run.

Routine X-rays are an important screening tool for detecting early signs of infection, bone loss, and tooth decay. We also offer additional specialized lab tests for patients who may be at a higher risk of developing dental problems, who have a history of dental issues, or who come to us with unique health concerns and considerations.

We do advanced oral cancer screenings that can identify biochemical and morphological changes in the cells of the mouth, throat, tongues, and tonsils before there are signs or symptoms identifiable by the naked eye. At our office, we offer both the Identafi®exam as well as an HPV screening that we send to Fidalab.

Our Perio Program is a central component of both preventative and restorative dentistry. The health of your gums is significant to your overall health as periodontal disease (a.k.a. gum disease) is linked to other health issues, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, pregnancy complications, immune system issues, diabetes type 1 and 2, dementia, and bacterial pneumonia. Read more about our approach to periodontal medicine here.

Comprehensive, Cosmetic, and Family Dentistry

Stacey C. Sype, DDS

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